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FedEx International Mail Service (FIMS)

We provide a FIMS tracking number once the order is prepped for shipment from our facility. The tracking will need 24-48 hours to show the first scan. FedEx only guides the package outside of the USA. FedEx will have no further infromation for you on the shipment unless you reach out to a FIMS representative. Regular FedEx representatives cannot see these shipments in their system, and will not be able to further assist you. They are a separate department, and will not have any information on these types of shipments. FIMS shipments need 15-20 days to deliver, sometimes up to 45. There will only be a few scans before the package is sent out for delivery. Once 45 days from the first scan have elapsed, and you have not received the package, please reach out to your regional customs office, as well as your local post office. They might be in possession of the package. Customs will not always reach out if they have your shipment. When a FIMS shipment arrives to your country, it will go to the dominant mail carrier in your country.

If a customer fails to contact Slickwraps after 30 days of purchase, we are no longer able to issue a reshipment, or exchange the wrap. Slickwraps is not responsible for lost or stolen items. 

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