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Slickwraps were originally created for the medical field to use on mobile electronics and equipment that needed ultra-high levels of protection. Now, Slickwraps is available online and worldwide and is quickly becoming the new standard for electronics protection. We welcome you to our team and in becoming part of a truly phenomenal success story! Whether you operate out of a physical location or over the internet, we are excited to find out whether Slickwraps is a fit for you.


About the Slickwraps

Made in the U.S.A. sums up Slickwraps! Unlike similar competitors who import goods from China, Korea, and Japan and then resell them, we actually employ Americans to design, test, and manufacture wraps that are used by people around the world.

Slickwraps replaces bulky cases and flimsy covers with premium, ultra-thin protection. Every item goes through months of R&D in our Valencia, California lab. Slickwraps is available for all of the hottest gadgets, including iPads, mobile phones, iPods, laptops, gaming consoles, and e-readers.

Benefits of Being an Authorized Reseller

  • Slickwraps has been featured in top magazines and blogs
  • Great margins and up-sell opportunities
  • As a reseller, you have first access to all of the latest Slickwrap designs
  • Slickwraps can be a great additional source of revenue
  • Be a part of our team and share in the Slickwraps Success

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