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How often do you release wraps for new devices?

We try to release new designs every week, keeping current with the latest trends and styles. We are also constantly working with device manufactures and retailers to support the latest and greatest devices coming out. 

Unfortunately, we do not provide any launch dates in regards to new devices or designs being added to our website. We recommend checking our website on a regular basis to see if we have added your particular device.
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    have a question love your guys work i wanted to know if u guys make wraps for the legs also os that something that can be done ?

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    Omar Gonzalez

    can you guys make warps for a samsung spin 7 15.6in laptop if you guys can i would just like all black or carbon fiber if you can do this thank you.

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    Brandon Hernandez

    Hi! Ever since I got the Daredevil wrap for my S6 I've really admired your products, I just ordered a Stormtrooper mouse pad, however I was hoping to get something for my 15.6" ASUS. I wish you offered a wider variety of laptops, I understand that they're are a vast amount of laptops and it may not be feasible, but I wish there was a customization option for certain devices we have in mind (mine is Q534UX-BHI7T19 ) , it may require a lengthier time to get back to us but I'm sure a lot of people would love this. Perhaps people can leave their model number upon ordering with limited wraps options but anything would be awesome. Hopefully someone can read this. Also have you guys considered stickers? That would be great to have if you don't have our certain device. Thanks! (I have many ideas :) )

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    I have ipad pro 10.5 Wi-Fi + Cellular models A1709 (There is a SIM card slot ) I would like to buy such a black carbon I did not find you! can be ordered

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    Je cherche pour l'iPhone 8 (Édition) un skin de couleur : noir "jet black" reflet rouge.
    Avez vous un prix pour la personnalisation des couleurs de skin ? Pouvez vous me le créer ?

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