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Can I send you my design to print?


Slickwraps uses the most advance printing equipment allowing us to print on numerous different materials using different inks such as metallics. 

When contacting us please include a copy of your design.

Custom wraps take about 5-7 buisness days to complete and ship out. Depending on the design it may take longer. 


Note: No custom items can be sent back for a refund or exchange. Custom printed items are made custom for your order and can not be resold.

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    Christiano Muchacho

    Hello I have a question but there is no send button in the Send and request option so I will ask my question here

    Hello I saw that u have the Super Chrome skin for the Galaxy s7 Edge.
    My question is : do u have the Super Chrome skin also for the iPhone 6s and for the upcoming Galaxy s8?
    Yes? I would like to order them.

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    Could you add Moto Z Play in the list of devices?

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    Dani Balla

    Hi slickwraps, can i have a question? Why there are no skins for the Huawei P10. It has been released probably 4 or 5 month ago. The Oneplus 5 has just been released and even now there are skins for it. Why? I really want to apply a skin for my p10.

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    I need Mahogany skin ( back only) for S8 plus, with my custom logo / picture on it. Is it possible ? To be clear the skin must be having those grains/ texture along with my intended picture/ logo.

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    I just preordered the galaxy note 8. Unfortunately, the "deep sea blue" color is not available to purchase in my country. Could you make me a custom wrap that color for my note 8? If so, how would I go about ordering it?

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