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If you are a reviewer wanting to get your hands on some skins you can reach out to us at Reach out to us with your Youtube channel and a short explanation of how you heard about Slickwraps, how you're going to review the product and roughly how long the video will take to make. 

We do get hundreds of request a day so obviously we can not fulfill everyone's request but we will get back to you ASAP letting you know if we are interest!

 We like our reviewers to have at least 500 subscribers and over 1,000 video reviews. 

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    Jayant Surana

    Hello I am Jayant Surana from hackified and a young youtuber with more than 1000 subs and saw your product and heard a lot about your product from different people that you are one if the top skin designers and thought of reviewing your product to the people around me through the medium of youtube and I would review or you could say that I will recommend your product to the people by showing the laptop skin on my MacBook Pro 2016 that you might provide me after reading this mail and mark all the good things about your brand in that placement sponsorship e and give a shout out to slikwraps for sponsoring this video so like this I will endorse your brand to my audience and link to my channel is

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